Legendary guitar player Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead was also a creative visual artist. As a young man, Jerry attended the San Francisco Art Institute. His paintings and drawings are highly collectible and have been shown in galleries across the country as well as inspiring a very successful men’s neck-wear line. His whimsical and colorful art works now adorn women’s scarves playfully mixing his art with fashion.

Welcome to garciaartwear.com

Welcome to garciaartwear.com, where the art of Jerry Garcia is presented on women’s scarves that are both wearable and collectible.

While touring, Jerry spent many hours sketching in small notebooks that fit in his briefcase. He was also able to do watercolors on the road. He experimented with acrylics and airbrush when he was home. Jerry had the ability to draw without a plan or thought of anything in particular. He often simply allowed the image to emerge from the materials.

When his art was shown in a New York City gallery in 1991, the show was attended by a tie manufacture, who thought Jerry’s art would look great on neckwear. After a while, Jerry allowed his art to be licensed for this purpose. It was a popular sight in the 1990′s to see men of all ages wearing a distinctive J. Garcia tie. Now, a line of women’s scarves has been created to meet the fashion needs of today’s woman.